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Luckily for citizens of Ottawa, Ontario, local radio station Hot.9 was there to capitalize on that frustration and anxiety.
Winner will be required to sign an eligibility release form and give Milwaukee Radio Alliance and its sponsors permission to use their name, photo and voice for promotional purposes without further compensation.
The contest met with protestors who showed their disapproval by picketing the station.To its credit, in spite of being pretty tasteless, it did promote political discussion about the lack of government aided IVF treatments in Ontario.Confused, they asked if they were speaking with Andy, and the woman answered, No, its not Andy and its never gonna be Andy and it wasnt Andy to start with, you fucking idiots.So congrats to that guy, for winning tickets to the show, and condolences to McFarlane, who was immediately fired.Some people will go to great lengths to see their favorite band or artist live in concert, so radio stations have long hosted contests to win tickets to such events.It was a give away iphone 7 fairly straightforward contest, and a woman going by the name Jane Doe 10 voucher lazada ended up winning herself a date with the man the station hailed as a kind and great guy.4, tattoo Your Penis for a Car.When the DJs called who they thought was Sams husband Andy, a woman answered.Muller, who really, really liked mini Coopers, needed a way to top the list.
Contest rules may be modified by Milwaukee Radio Alliance at any time.The reaction to the contest was mixed; some listeners were disgusted, though hundreds of people entered the contest.The contest naturally came under fire for commoditizing babies, as well as taking a financial and emotional problem for many couples and turning it into a popularity contest.Milwaukee Radio Alliance is not responsible for misdirected or mis-dialed phone calls.So brmb radio in Birmingham, England, generously offered to cover the costs of matrimony for one lucky couple.Winner must pick up prize in person and sign proof of receipt and contest rules.And yes, its exactly what it sounds like.3, win a Wife, if youve ever thought of a wife as something to be won in a contest, then youre not alone!Persons who have won a prize valued above 600 are not eligible to win again until after 90 days from the date of the previous item won.