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And that's not all.
All AA Customers can now get an AA Fuel Card completely Free.Meaning the tight as a fishes back side Caltex over here wouldn't go any interflora discount codes 2014 higher than 4cents a ltr discount - (a person I was hands on a hardbody competition discussing this with had also asked them) and it says on their sign advertising out side as well "upto.Choosing AA Smartfuel discounts at Countdown will replace Onecard Reward Vouchers, but youll continue to receive Onecard Club Prices on specified products.Login to update your Countdown reward: AA Members, aA Smartfuel cardholders.Save 6 cents per litre on the first 50 litres when you spend 200 or more per week, or save 3 cents per litre on the first 50 litres when you spend at least 100 per week across all your visits to Countdown (from Mon.BUT, and its windows sp3 update download a huge but - only if the service station is running a higher promotion at the time.And don't forget you can redeem AA Smartfuel discounts earned elsewhere too the more you swipe at participating retailers, the more you save when you fuel up.Grab your new AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card and start boosting your AA Smartfuel discounts when you shop at Countdown (in-store or online).Just use your existing card at any Topaz garages nationwide.Your existing AA Fuel Card will be automatically updated so that you will also receive 4c off per litre until 30th June 2018. .As the guy at AA explained, assuming you have the points (lets say as an example 200 points you can go to one service station and they may give you a 4 cent discount, yet another service station may offer 10, 15 or 20 cents.
Go Your Way, at, bP you can choose to accumulate your AA Smartfuel discounts, or redeem them instantly.
If you have any customer queries such as a request for a new PIN or a replacement fuel card, please contact Topaz Card Centre.
Wainuitech, 03:17 PM, from what the attendant said, we took it that by using the card for other things, apparently the points accumulate and can be used for bigger fuel savings Thats where the advertising is mis-leading.When we do the shopping at Pak-N-Save we just duck across the road to their station and fill up - I can honestly say the lowest discount we had has been 6 cents a Ltr off, with some at 20 cents Ltr discount.Nothing is the same at each place.So you don't need to do anything.Get AA Fuel Card, already have an AA Fuel Card?Pick up your free AA Smartfuel card at any BP service station or use your AA Membership card and start saving cents per litre.Swmbo goes there sometimes, and while they take other peoples discount vouchers, even if its a 6 cent from Pak-N-Save, they will only discount by 4 cents.Select AA Smartfuel as your Countdown reward.Just swipe your card when you meet the qualifying spend on fuel, or buy featured products in store and ask to accumulate or redeem.