amc the walking dead sweepstakes season 6

Shiva intercepts the Savior and mauls him to death.
He remarks that Ezekiel's forces are at Gavin's outpost.At the Hilltop, Enid instructs Jesus discount coupon edreams 2014 to bring the Saviors inside the walls.As some of the fallen Saviors begin to reanimate around her, Mara realises, too late, that the militia never intended to press an attack.Carl searches a gas station for fuel.Still Morgan refuses to stop.Daryl allows her to leave.Henry, still seeking revenge for Benjamins death insists on fighting the Saviors.En route to the Sanctuary, Rick comes across a lone Savior on watch; he stabs the man and sifts through his belongings.
Several are killed, while most make it to the upper floors of the compound.
She agrees with his sentiment and joins him.
" Some Guy " The episode starts with a flashback to the Kingdom as they prepare for the upcoming war with The Saviors.He is delighted with the news, and informs Carol, who remains cautious and tells him they need to sweep the compound to be sure there are no survivors.Carl descends into the sewers.He pleads to be let back.Just then, he sees Gregory crying for help and runs to his aid.Maggie meets him at the gate and asks him what he's doing back at the colony after what he did.Inside, Jesus sees a newly built holding cell.Walking in, he finds one of his snipers dead, being devoured by a small group of walkers.Tara suggests that they fight the Saviors, but Rosita denies this, saying they will another time.