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The Bento Tail Devkit is licensed under the GPL.
Select all the parts except the big bow, and press Ctrl-L to link them all together. .You must wear this layer when you want to be Aili.Also set the Z-Offset to negative.0310.0310.So for now, just spread these pieces around.You want to have two uppers, two lowers, and one head.Level of Detail Screen, the first screen is, level of Detail. .Contact SL user: miKa (oasobinokamisama) surfdome promo code december 2015 Twitter: NiYOtanEN: miKa - NiYOtan Second Life is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc.The Mauve Body Dummy is licensed under the GPL.
Now Press, calculate Weights and Fees, and then select, upload.
Half the eye lid should disappear: : Take these eyelids to inventory. .
Slurls updated as of November 3, 2011.Now go to, bulk Upload and upload these images from the zip file.Try to hide parts of the head with the HUD.Do not forget to check your neck!Position and resize the hair to fit.DAE file: Give it a name on the first tab and select Smaller, non moving etc.