apple employee discount iphone upgrade program

So we tried the ama discounts hotels Sprint thing a few more times.
Throughout this experience, even as I stole an Apple employee for nearly two hours, more people kept lining up and the lines kept moving.
At this point, everything starts to fall apart.I called Apple to ask about this.I tried buying Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 6S, through the company's new iPhone Upgrade Program.If the transaction details didn't fit the screen, coupons for urban outfitters 2015 then it didn't fit into Apple's sense of who they wanted to sell.This was about whether or not we were going to get our way and win.Only those with the one true appointment may enter.Sadly, those customers did not experience the same level of patient gentleness from me that the actual reps somehow managed to convey.Neither was a good sign.Eventually, we made it to the front of the appointment-holder line and another gray T-shirted guy met.EPP participants can browse and purchase gear via a special Apple Store link).
Think instead Trenton bus station or an unloved, unrenovated Department of Motor Vehicles office, although even the DMV has a place to sit.
Brian, on the other hand - Angela, are you reading this?
Clearly we had arrived in Apple-space.Before I begin the story, here's a note inspired by commenters: To get the iPhone Upgrade Program, best discount clothes shopping apps you must go to a store.I call my dad and ask for advice.Sure, the carriers have been offering similar deals for a while, but Apple's program both includes AppleCare and the promise (which may or may not actually be true) of an unlocked phone that can be used on any carrier."Your phone number is not really there, and it's not really here either Erin tells.We have a Verizon account.According to the phone rep, the carrier you pick doesn't matter (but, oh, it so does!) and you can choose any carrier when you get to the store (you so can't).From entering the store to getting to the front of the line, it took a total of 30 minutes.Let me expand on that statement.