archery contest between pandavas and kauravas

Today I want to see who among you can strike the eye of that wooden bird across the river.
For everyone, he remains suta-putra, the charioteers son, the outsider.
Pandus five sons chose to be called Pandava and not Kaurava.
He"s an ancient law, A woman with more than four husbands is nothing but a public woman, a whore!The Pandavas went on to build a magnificent palace, even grander than Hastinapur, with the help of the gods Vishwakarma and Indra, and was named as Indraprastha.Krishna retorts, Your integrity is wasted on a man without integrity.Rejected by the earth herself, Karna is determined to win a respectable place for himself in society based on merit.He cast a glance at the crowd of boys, who were held in silence but slowly began nodding as the lesson began to become clear to them.But what determines a mans caste?
The cheering onlookers fall silent.
How could this toro power sweep 160 small bird pose such a challenge?
He is as helpless as Draupadi was when the Kauravas disrobed her in public, says Krishna.However, doing so in this story would make Karna seem inferior to Arjuna, which is something I want to avoid in order to make Arjunas later showdown with Karna seem more dramatic.Tell me everything you can see, Yudhisthira, said Drona.One bright, sunny morning, a large group of young boys gathered by the woodland with their bows and arrows.The conclusion is that it should be Pandu who is lawfully wedded to Kunti hence father of all her children.The exile ended with the starting of the great Kurukshetra War which shaped history.But when Parashurama notices his ability to withstand intense pain silently, Parashurama concludes the boy is a Kshatriya by birth.No one takes Karnas royal title seriously.