b2b viral marketing examples

Superhero films and shows about aliens and zombies are currently considered cool because of Lost.
The Chief Research Officer for F-Secure made a short documentary about when he tracked down the two brothers who created the first ever computer virus and asked them some questions about their creation of the virus named Brain.
It gave fans new information to talk about during the summer hiatus, including details about the shows fictional Hanso Foundation and clues to the meaning behind the shows mysterious repeating number combination.
What is viral marketing?If I'm not racing bikes, I'm here pounding the keyboard and drinking coffee.Theres more to content marketing than copy alone.The fake police reports on the website looked legitimate, and the timeline of the legend of the Blair Witch was detailed enough to convince nearly everyone who saw the film that, even if the footage was not real, it was surely based on an extant.The following three examples show three very different approaches by three very different B2B businesses.Viral campaigns today are totally linked to social networks, and so, although there are several types of viral campaign, the most used is usually to upload a video with an emotional charge of any kind important, whether showing the name brand or product, or covertly.BopDesign demonstrates the principle perfectly, taking an in-depth look at a single problem, and solving it as comprehensively as possible.Unbounces B2B Lead Gen Infographic.Quizzes may seem gift cards itunes uk more of a B2C approach, especially if you have a Which shoe are you?The premise of the film is that it is comprised of real documentary footage of an unsuccessful search for the truth behind an urban legend.
Follygraphs Perfect Coffee Infographic No matter how complicated the industry, B2B audiences are still composed of real people.This commercial is unique among the best viral marketing campaign examples because it is so inextricably tied to the product it is promoting.The vast majority of these professionals will recognise the importance of creating engaging content online through their blog or website and offline by contributing to magazines and publications.They do extraordinary work and travel extraordinarily far which makes for extraordinary images, so why not promote that.Moz have successfully established themselves as industry experts, so when you are on the lookout for specialist tools in that industry they are always going to be top of the list.BopDesigns SMM Showdown Infographic, awesome infographics are often awesomely simple.