bachelor in paradise contestants bios

Date The contestant had a date and gave out a rose at the rose ceremony.
Out The contestant went on promote affiliate products online a date and was eliminated.
He spends the whole day drinking and finally asks Tenley for a date.
Name, age, occupation, residence, from, arrived, eliminated.Although the two of them kiss, Amber is feeling like Justin how to choose a winner for a giveaway is more of a friend.When they get back to the house, Mackenzie acts like they are actually married, which Justin thinks is odd.Carly calls her brother Zak, whose wedding was that day, and this makes Kirk feel better.Carly's Date: Carly takes Kirk on a date and they see fireworks.Chris Harrison reprises his role from.Asks Chris Harrison to provide her with an overnight date card so that she can find out exactly where she stands with Jared, at a risk to her virginity.Samantha breaks up with him.
During the after show we learn that Cassandra and Justin broke up and she began dating Jonathan, who was also on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, while Tanner and Jade are still happily together.
The episode ends on another cliffhanger with JJ confronting Joe about his relationship with Samantha prior to the show.
She also admits that she is a mistress back home.During Tenley's date with Joshua, she tells him she isn't sure if they can have a relationship outside of Paradise.When they get back they make out in front of everyone which upsets Juelia, who previously thought that she and Joe had a connection and is good friends with Samantha.Quit The contestant had a date and voluntarily left the show Quit The contestant voluntarily left the show.And Joe, who both were just dumped, have a conversation and Ashley unsuccessfully tries to help Joe get back with Samantha.Chris Bukowski, making his fifth appearance on a bachelor show, arrives with a date card.Justin and Cassandra have a good date but Cassandra decides she doesn't want to stay in the fantasy suite because it's too early.On Saturday, Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo, Raven Gates, and Adam Gottschalk went.Amber then decides that she is also interested in Jared.