best giveaway for baptism

One of the highly recommended suppliers.
The tiny sprouting plant is a beautiful metaphor for your little ones growth and the journey ahead.
Rosary is a usual giveaway during Christening Celebrations in the Philippines.
Thank you so much!(Photo published with the permission of The Gift Corner).Check out my past post on where to free hotel vouchers for the homeless buy mason jars and candies for candy buffet if and when you will allow yourself to be bitten by the DIY bug.The party package offered.Mini Pillows are a plush, useful party giveaways!Potted plants, image Go Green Giveaways/Facebook.Price range is at P90.00 to P150.00 depending on the design.Wedding Rustic, decor Wedding, garden Wedding, wedding Bride.Of course clients get to choose the scent and according to Provence Fragrances, their clients often choose kiddie scents for kid-related events such as baptism and first and seventh birthdays.Baby Cologne Spray, this is fun and fab especially when nicely packaged like this one from Provence Fragrances.
(Photo published with the permission of E Clay Souvenirs and Accessories) So, there you have.
A couple advantages of cookies is that they can come in a variety of shapes and can be a more affordable option.These start at P118 each, but it already comes with packaging, not bad to give to ninongs and ninangs.(Photo Published with the Permission of Go Green Giveaways).We particularly auto sweep facility in idbi bank like their personalized copperplate line label notebooks which you can order for P89 each.Or search Beau-coup for gorgeous decor, delicious customized candies, pastries and more.Check out my past post on this to get the list of online and physical stores that sell succulents for giveaways.Perfect gift for a birthday.Baptismal, souvenirs that they will give away to their guests.They have letter and number soaps too if you'd like to spell out your little one's name.