big bobber ice fishing contest

It will behoove you to bring hot drinks as well, to help keep you warm.
Otherwise, you can prop your rod up somewhere so that it is in a sturdy location should a fish bite your line.
Check around to see if anyone knows where these fish are swimming around.Since you will be sitting there club monaco promo code 2017 all day it is necessary that you make sure you will not fall through the ice.Certain fish species are off limits, size limited, or catch-and-release only.You need gear to drill your hole, ensure your comfort, and catch your fish.Passes through open and closed face reels.28 8 Use the right bait and tackle.44 2 Place your bait on your lure.You will need this gear to lure your fish.Walking across the ice can be dangerous at night and it is easier to get caught in the dark during short winter days.Northern State 2:00.m.You should not fish alone.
The 2016 Big Bobber raised more than 50,000 in scholarships for Minnesota State student-athletes 2017 Big Bobber Information Guide, mankato, Minn., the countdown has begun for the 2017 Big Bobber Ice Fishing Contest scheduled for Saturday.If you fall into the ice and there is nobody else there to pull you out or call for help, you are in a lot of danger.You want to make sure your extremities are warm.41 4 Scrape away the excess ice.That way, cervical sweep risks snow will not stick to them.14, your second layer should be a thicker layer.You can do this by putting a sinker at the end of a hook and dropping it into the water.Suitable for shallow water fishing, excellent buoyancy and sensitivity.