big brother canada contestants 2013

Emmett Blois won the "Plead Your Case" Head of Household competition.
Emmett Blois won his third POV in the final Power wise choice coupon code of Veto competition of the season, "Big Brother Break-In".
This left Tom angry, and thus he, in an outburst, called her michael kors promo code canada a beard contest photos liar and a cheat and stormed off out into the backyard.
Though Liza was initially the target, the House Guests feared Tom as a physical player and debated evicting him.She returned to the Safe House on Day 16 after surviving nominations, this time receiving 0 nomination points.During his short time in the house, he was a massive supporter of the Western Bulldogs.Peter Brown won his second Veto in the "You've Got Mail" Power of Veto competition.Tully Smyth, a social media strategist from Sydney, aged 25, entered the Halfway House on Day 0 and was the Fifth housemate to enter on Launch night.Tahan was also well known for her long running feud with Katie and Lucy which began immediately after the sisters entered the house right through till they were evicted.
During a twist on Day 10, Tahan chose to swap nominated housemate Mikkayla with Heidi, this meant that Heidi would face the first eviction in Mikkayla's place.Suzette appeared not to hold in her thoughts any longer, saying that he is a liar, and that he does not "give a f*ck" about her.Nonetheless, Topaz encouraged those in the house to vote to keep Alec on Day 43 when he was up on the block, but to no avail.Rohan was sent directly to the Halfway House after being nominated for eviction on Day 16 with 9 nomination points.Though he was upset with Topaz due to her nominations, Andrew later debated targeting Gary for eviction.Emmett chose not to use the Power of Veto and keep the nominations the same.The East Coast alliance was pined against the Southern Border, consisting of Topaz, Peter and Alec at first.Twists Canada's POV: Following Week 3's Power of Veto Ceremony, Canada voted for 1 houseguest who has been nominated, and the houseguest who received most votes will be removed from the block.