bikini contest diet

Workout routine: Monday: Legs/Glutes/Calves/Cardio, leg press 4 sets ( ball wall squat with weight 4 sets ( ).
Bent knee calf raise 3.
Friday: Plyometrics/Cardio Box squat jumps 3 x 30 Lateral box jumps 3 x 30 Split squat jumps 3 x 30 Tuck jumps 3 x 30 Lateral bounds 3 x 30 Side hops 3 x 30 Squat jump (progressing forward) 20-30 minutes of additional cardio (either.
Thursday: Cardio, cardio: 50min.Crunches 4 sets ( leg raise with hip lift 4 sets ( ).So check it out!Tuesday: Back/Rear delts/Abs/Cardio, lat pull-down 3 sets (12-10-8 reps).Cardio: 50 minutes with 25 minutes of hiit.Good luck to you!My calories vary from calories per day.Originally, the plan was to change my diet dastically, but since -SarahSuss21, today marks 6 weeks out.Monday: Legs 5 X gamestop mythical pokemon giveaway 15 Leg Extensions 5 X 20 Shoulder Width Leg Press 5 X 15 Switch (Jump) Lunges 4 X 15 Narrow Stance Squats 4 X 10 Walking Lunges, tuesday: Shoulders/Triceps 4 X 10 Shoulder Press 4 X 10 Barbell Press.Meal One: 3 whites, 2 plain rice cakes, 1 grapefruit, 1 c black coffee.December 12, 2012 admin, all, Bodybuilding, Training, Workouts, ashley Kurtenbach is an NPC Bikini Competitor who is trained by Brandan Fokken.
I remember flipping through a fitness magazine and thinking that One day I want to look like these girls!
Meal six: 5 oz lean ground turkey, 6 oz extra lean red meat ( alternate every other day).
That way I can play around with it and figure out what works for.Pec fly on machine superset with pushups to failure 3 sets (15-1210 reps).Meal 2: 4oz chicken breast, 4 oz sweet potato (no skin).DB Pull-overs 3 sets (15-12-10 bent over discount tire center bellingham rear delt-raise with DBs 3 sets (15-12-10).Taking serin oils (am pm l-carnitine (pre postworkout bcaa (pre post workout Fish oil (pm).Of Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar 1/4 cup of chopped Broccoli Meal 4:.Alternating DB curl 3 sets (15-12-10 reps).SarahSuss21, today marks 6 weeks out.