bravofly use voucher

Reply Bravofly did not give my money back in case of RyanAir Strike.
I am being offered a "full refund" less a 50 "admin fee" unless I accept my refund as a voucher.
Later i find out that 3, 300 was taken out of my account.This way you can choose a particular time of the day or a more convenient airline.What kind of browser assures a perfect navigation through Bravofly website?So, I asked to change my flight again so as to not lose my money.DO NOT USE this website TO book your tickets!Eventually, I had to contact the airline companies and sort it out myself.Took me two sleepless nights, constant headache and 100 euro phone bill to get my money back.Reply, do NOT use this website to book flights.Upon phoning Bravofly I discovered that it was very difficult (and expensive) to get through.
I had to find it on one of these complaint websites where someone else had filed a complaint.
Hello Marco, It is with regret that I have to let you know that while trying your client service on phone I got a disappoint and very unacceptable response.
Please could you reply to our private message with your 9-digit Bravofly ID so that we can check the details of your refund.The next day I received another email saying (in Pigeon English, like the first one) that the booking had been cancelled, and no money had been taken from my credit card - lie number three.Can I contact Bravofly to submit my professional curriculum?"Not a problem madam" sweepstakes for iphone 6 plus was lie number two.The prices you see after inserting your airport of departure and destination, are those indicated by the e data is updated at this stage in 75 of the cases.Intended to be used predominately by people that need to fly great distances, and especially those that need to connect two or more international flights with one another without having to spend a small fortune, m is an itinerary creation service that works with most.In fact on the booking page you proceed with: (1) confirmation of price from airline if it coincides with initially selected one (2) updating of the price by airline if it differs from the initially selected one from the previous pages.I told him this was grossly inadequate and his response was I".