burping contest rules

Wet Floor Yo' Mama Is So Ugly.
Pissing Contest Walks Into a Bar.
Cockroach Yo' Mama Is So Poor.Craig Anton: Different Kind of Comic Craig Shoemaker: Circumcision Damon Williams: Canadian Lap Dance Dan Cronin: Male or Female Restroom Dan Devido: Fraternity Fish Dan Levy: Combat Plan Daniel Tosh: Dad's Breakfast Talk Daniel Tosh: Tastes Like Ethnicity Dave Attell: Caught Watching Porno Dave Attell.Whore and Bungee Jumper Why Men Snore Winnie the Pooh Witches' Broomsticks Witches' Ride Wizard of Oz Woman from Ealing (Limerick) Women Pass Less Gas Women.Underwear Yo' Mama Is So Skanky.Tampon String Yo' Mama Is So Nasty.A Scot's Tale, adam Ferrara: Doing My Part, adam Growe: Piercings.With this show's flexible giveaway website free cast size, featuring roles for all ages, this is an ideal show for community theatres looking to involve as many performers as possible.Dog Poop Working Up a Sweat with Your Cousin Workplace Farting: Options Explored Wrong Kind Of Collection Yeast Billy Ray Cyrus?Underwear Grosser Than Gross.Yeast Yo' Mama Is So Stupid.What's green and smells like.
Anderson: Comic or Tragic Karen Rontowski: Think Like a Man Kevin Kataoka: Pay Toilets Kristen Schaal: Hot Sex Dream Kurt Metzger: Liposuction Kurt Metzger: The Only Animals in All of Nature Lab Monkeys Larry Amoros: Hannibal the Cannibal Larry Amoros: The Jeffery Dahmer Trial Larry.
Monkey Poop Yo' Mama Is So Stanky.
Definite Definition Little Johnny.Ear Infection Yo' Mama Is So Nasty.Bathroom Yo' Mama Is So Poor.Crabs Yo' Mama Is So Skinny.Farts Yo' Mama Is So Fat.Name That Drink Walks Into a Bar.Axis of Evil Yo' Mama Is So Nasty.Flaccid Penis Ray James: Masturbating in the Shower Ray Lipowski: Hand Sanitizer Rejected Greeting Card - Sorry Retta: Men's Armpits Retta: Next for the Bathroom Rhoids Rhyming Riddles Are The Best Richard Jeni: Inconvenient Diarrhea Richard Jeni: Of Course Men Love Condoms Richard Lewis: That.Chicken Pox Yo' Mama Is So Fat.