calculate discount rate bond

Community Q A Search Add New Question How would I calculate the face value of a bond with yield rate of 25 and coupon of 9?
The current market interest rate is 12 percent.A common example of a discount bond.This bond is referred to as a discount bond.A potential investor will insist that you match this new 10 interest rate before purchasing the bond at face value.The bonds face value is 500,000.It is based on the current market interest rate.In this formula, r is the interest rate per period.This tells your the percentage, or rate, at which you are discounting the bond.5 (1-(1.06)10.067.3601 5, calculate the present value of the interest payments.
From as low.99 using advanced tools to find available domains.A bond is considered a discount bond when it has a lower interest rate than the current market rate and, consequently, is sold at a lower price.What is a 'Discount Bond cupcake wars contestants chicago a discount bond is a bond that is issued for less than its par (or face) value, or a bond currently trading for less than its par value in the secondary market.Present value of the principal principal * pvif 500,000*0.5584279,200, part 2 Calculating the Present Value of the Interest Payments 1, gather the information.Instead, they sell 2006 slam dunk competition at a premium or discount to par value depending on the difference between current interest rates and the stated interest rate for the bond on the issue date.The formula is (1(1 1r)n rdisplaystyle (1-(1 1r)n.This tells you how many interest payments will be made over the life of the bond.Multiply the amount of each interest payment by the pvoa.