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Selections include I Want to Be Happy and Tiger Rag.
WE hold these truths (12-15-41) A special WW II program heard on the combined networks of the United States in honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the.S.
Chicagos ultimate male chauvinist complains about wives who have let themselves.
This is a modern-day radio series which will be heard from time to time on Those Were The Days. .February 21st, 1976 radios cliff-hangers!VIC AND sade (1940) Uncle Fletcher is helping his landlady with her wedding plans.Fibber McGEE AND molly (12-5-39) Jim and Marian Jordan star with Harold Peary as Gildersleeve who offers Fibber and Molly a job in the Bon Ton Department Store adjustment department during the Christmas shopping season.June 29th, 1996 radio IN 1936 Part : A sound picture of radio as it was sixty years ago, in 1936.This mammoth memorial is dedicated to the two million civilian Jewish dead of Europe. .Speaking OF radio (2-17-75) Olan Soule and Barbara Luddy talk with Chuck Schaden about their radio days in a conversation recorded.Starring Steven Dunn as Sam with Lurene Tuttle as Effie.October 4th, 1970 THE legend OF AL jolson program 23: legend OF AL jolson Commercial recording featuring broadcaster/columnist Walter Winchell narrating the story of the life of Al Jolson, the worlds greatest entertainer.
December 4th, 1971 radio TO address christmas cards BY program 85: note: This program has not been archived.
He describes his concept of the United Nations organization.
Jack benny program (1-6-46) On this first show of the new year, Mary tells how Jack went to the Rose Bowl on New Years raffle law Day, but didnt see the game.Suspense (3-23-53) The Signal Man starring Agnes Moorehead in a radio version of the Charles Dickens story.A reporter is able to get tomorrows news today.BEN bernie WAR what is no contest on a ticket workers program (12-21-42) The Old Maestro with Jack Fulton, Fran Allison and the Kings Jesters who sing the WW II song, Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.An opera star falls in love with a penniless singer in Paris, but her husband interferes.