california water rebates a boon to private equity

The golf course will save about 80,000 a year in water costs but will spend about 60,000 a year to maintain the new non-irrigated areas, Sams said.
The project cost about.2 million, course superintendent Tim Barrier said.
Ten entities that applied early have been grandfathered in and will receive the full rebate regardless of a project's actual cost.
The water district created a new rule in July about two months after the 2-per-square-foot rebate went into effective that limits the amount of rebate to the actual cost of the project, instead of giving applicants the entire amount approved based on initial estimates.Thousands of Southland residents have applied for financial incentives to tear out and replace turf with drought-friendly foliage, a move experts say is critical to recalibrating Californians' attitude toward water.Elisa Padilla builds a river-rock planter on the grounds of the MillerCoors brewery in Irwindale.Meanwhile, residential customers received about 34 million to replace grass.It's water, and it's Metropolitan's job to save water.".Cnbc 4:12, apple's breakthrough with the iPhone mimics the digitization of the data center, Nutanix CEO says.
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Costs to replace it, about 70 cents a square foot, are lower than those of most other projects because officials are not cheap beer erie pa buying or adding native plants that golfers "wouldn't want to hit out of he said.
The company would have probably removed a smaller portion of turf from the grassy knoll without the rebate, Gharavi said.At least three golf courses in affluent parts of Southern California are slated to receive more than 4 million, according to department records compiled for The Times in November.Brookside will receive a check only for the amount of money the project ultimately costs, not for the entire amount MWD approved for the replacement."How many residents are going to be left out?" she said.Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena is removing 870,000 square feet of turf, said David.And 21st Century Fox.But with removal and replacement costs estimated between 3 and 4 a square foot, the 2 rebate allowed the company to do more."The water we save does not know whether it's in your frontyard or in a private golf course.It pays 1 each for the first 10,000 square feet of a commercial project, and 50 cents for additional square feet, up to an acre.