companies that give away free food

Sometimes, consumers come to their decisions to buy or not based on factors other than the discount adidas golf pants taste, quality, and price.
But what actually happens is that a lot of people walk in, try the sample size and then decide to buy a bigger Slurpee thats not part of the giveaway.
But the companies handing out complimentary donuts, comic books, ice cream, pancakes, and, slurpees love giveaways even more.
Last week, Procter Gamble hosted an enormous giveaway.Simply getting these products into the hands of consumers is something of a success: After all, every person who tries out one of these products has the potential of becoming a lifelong customer.But without a price as a cue, we tend to get confused, and our brain starts looking for other signs to indicate value.Getting your customers to say nice things about you is, according to some research, as effective as traditional advertising, and its almost always cheaper.When consumers get something for nothing, they respond in a host of surprising, mostly unconscious ways and the net result is often that the companies handing out freebies are rewarded well for their generosity.An article in the Journal of Marketing found that people who got a product for free talked about it 20 more.Researchers say if the primary item (the one youre paying for) is something high-end and pricey like a luxury car, then the buyer assumes that the free like a GPS is high quality as well.But even so, these costs are tiny in the grand scheme of whats being accomplished via free samples: If that seems a bit steep, keep in mind that getting a customer to even try a product is the biggest part of the battle with companies.The problem appears to be that were really bad at math when it comes to calculating percentages.
If an item comes with an inexpensive price tag, we assume its cheap quality and isnt worth good money.Psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne wrote: Why does this work?Here are a few of the surprising ways consumers are affected by freebies: You feel obligated to buy more.Journal of Marketing, researchers from the University of Miami found that offering a free gift-with-purchase without specifying what the item is prompts people to buy if theyre buying fun stuff.Journal of Consumer Research, if an item is thrown in as a bonus freebie when buying an expensive or luxury good, consumers deem the freebie as a higher quality product and are willing to pay more for the item on its own.In a previous post about the mind games involved in holiday shopping, researchers explained how shoppers whove received freebies are more likely to buy the products given away, and even to become loyal customers down the line.Youve been given something, seemingly for nothing, and now you feel obligated to reciprocate by buying the item.