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Moving violation tickets usually result in points on the little things give you away drum tab your driving record.
Installment Payment Plan, you may pay your Installment Payment Plan online using the link below.
You may appeal the denial of a request for reconsideration, a liable decision on a Motion to Vacate, or a liable decision on failure to appear for a hearing.
Once filed, your request will be reviewed by the same hearing examiner who originally heard your case.If you get too many points, your driver license may be suspended.If your car has been towed, you can get more information by calling 311.Getting There, hours and Services Provided at this Location.DC DMV offers free Wi-Fi at this location.DC Government does not accept American Express and Discover.Register for TAS at the link below).DC government accepts Visa and MasterCard. .
More information on appealing is available at the Appeal Decision Regarding Your Ticket link below.
Complete the online application form and provide your evidence that one or more of the reasons for reconsideration listed above applies to your case.I f you do not report for your hearing on time or at allthe DC DMV will hold you liable for the ticket, and you will be responsible for paying the fine and/or penalty.Your Request for Reconsideration must include all documents and evidence (i.e., vehicle registration, hardcopy photographs, diagrams, etc.) you have that show why the hearing examiners decision should be reconsidered.Walk-in hearings are not available for minor moving violations.Note : DC DMV does not boot, tow, or impound vehicles.Address 955 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, washington, DC 20024, phone 311 or (202) 737-4404.American Express and Discover are not accepted.