cq ww dx contest rtty 2015

LotW 8P6SH, bV2A/3, taiwan 24, m/2, bV2A, bV2KS, c37NL.
Only contacts made on the band specified in the Cabrillo header win an amazon gift card 2017 or summary sheet will be considered for discount tire reviews tucson scoring purposes.
LOG instructions: Electronic submission of logs is required for all entrants who use a computer to log the contest or prepare contest logs.
Exception: Oneand only oneother transmitted signal (multiplier transmitter) may be used, ifand only if, it is on a different band than the run transmitter and the station worked is a new multiplier.All transmitters and receivers must be within a single 500-meter diameter circle.Cqww and, cQZ column headers to view operations in order by cqww entity and CQ zone respectively.Contest exchange: RST report plus CQ zone number of the station location (e.g., 599 14).An extension may be requested by e-mail.Web upload is the preferred method of log submission.QSO points are based on the location of the station worked.A remotely operated station must obey all station license, operator license, and category limitations.Definitions OF terms:.
Call sign errors (bust) or call signs not found in the other log (NIL) are removed and receive a penalty of two times the QSO point value for that contact.Taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs or unverifiable multipliers.Single Operator Assisted entries are not eligible for this category.QRP (All Band or Single Band Total output power must not exceed 5 watts.QSO finding assistance: The use of any technology or other source that provides call sign or multiplier identification of a signal to the operator, other than a single-channel rtty decoder.