diamond candle giveaway

I blew out my candle, as suggested, and quickly reached in with a pair of needle-nose pliers to rheem hot water tank rebates pull my ring out.
And when it was ready to reveal your ring, youd have something you would treasure for years to come.
There are several ways you can enter the giveaway and you are able to enter more than once by completing each of the options! I had paper towels sitting next to me so I didnt drip any wax and so I could wipe the wax off.The candles are available in so many wonderful scents such as Chocolate Truffle, Honeydew Melon, Sweety Pea, Watermelon Wedge and much more.It was so exciting!Just to give you an idea of what some other types of rings people have received.I couldnt wait to see what was inside this one!
Cheesy Party Burgers (AKA Diamond Burgers).
minute key machine coupon code The idea was that youd have a lovely scented candle to warm your home, but youd also have something fun to look forward to while that candle was burning.Well, now is your chance to win a candle (and surprise ring) of your own!When it came, it had been in my mailbox all day on a 90 degree day, and I was almost afraid to open the box!A Rafflecopter giveaway, disclaimer: I received one Diamond Candle for review and all opinions are my own.From Diamond Candles, black Raspberry Vanilla Ring Candle - Diamond Candles - Home Fragrance Made Fun and Hassle Free.You can always email. Thats so rare nowadays, I didnt want to mess it up!I checked out the website! I added it to my cart and quick looked at all of the Diamond Candles scents, discovering other interesting-sounding blends, like. It sounded like an interesting mix of scents that would be romantic and warming, without being too make your own gift certificate booklet sexy.