discount tire co warranty

After all, why pay for something if its being offered for free?
Is that per tire?It makes little sense to spend 40 in the off-chance that I might save.The odds favor the dealer.The tires came with a pro-rated 65,000-mile guarantee and were 74 each, or just under 300 for the entire set.If extended warranties werent to the dealers benefit, they wouldnt be offering them.Despite the low risk of tire damage due to road hazards, lets say I did run over a nail that damaged my tire.I think I caught the salesman off-guard because he immediately tried biggest loser 2010 winner usa to assure me that he wasnt trying to pull a fast one.Reimbursement is childcare vouchers rules 2011 prorated, depending on how much tread is remaining when you make the claim.They dont usually cover alignments, however, which may be required if your car hits a curb, pothole or other hazard hard enough.What you should have said is that its going to cost me an extra.
The cost-risk ratio is too high.
Extended Tire Warranties, extended tire warranty plans are meant to cover what prorated manufacturer warranties usually dont: replacement or repair of damaged tires and rims from road hazards like nails, pot holes, sharp debris, and other hazards.Ive driven more than 500,000 miles in my lifetime.So its not really.95, right?The cost of replacing the tire.But you get the drift.