dung spitting contest

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The fast-growing sport, which originated in Africa and begins with a fierce challenge for the best dung available, has drawn both support and criticism.
External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive.Most times the only sign of the animal was a trail of dung, which meant it had been there but it was long gone.Follow Phil Haney on Twitter @PhilHaney, source: HuffPo.Whoever spits the poop pellet the farthest, wins.Thats a thing, that happened and here are some jostens coupon codes 2017 sweet sheep dung spitting photographs to prove.You see, it involves putting poop of an antelope-like animal called kudu in your mouth and then spitting it out.So if you stay at Mahons hotel in Country Fermanagh, Ireland just remember that no matter what you see in your room, they dont necessarily leave chocolates on your pillow.
Pizza Hut Hot Dog Pizza. .They say that the world record for dung spitting is origin keys giveaway held by a South African man.56 meters and was set in 2006 because holy crap, Dung Spitting is a thing!Video, cNN's Amanda Kibel attends the dung-spitting championship in London."Hey you guys, I've got an idea.".Critics say it's simply disgusting.The support comes from those who say the contest is nothing but good "clean" fun.