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Power Incontinence : Aranias, a young Altmer woman who can be found in Valenwood, has a connection with nature.
Evil Empire : The Akaviri Potentate practices slavery and worships Molag Bal.Taking place in the Second Era roughly 1,000 years before the events.Memetic Badass : Invoked.It is also has a time limit based on the difficulty of the chest: the more difficult the lock, the less amount of time is given to open.An Adventurer Is You : Many of the classes can take on the different roles, but.Mana : Magicka, an Elder Scrolls staple.Unlikely alliances are forged.Hyperactive Metabolism : While healing is usually reserved for skills and potions (and even those heal instantly and give a small regeneration effect for a few seconds eating food grants buffs to your maximum health, stamina and/or magicka instantly, and can be done as fast.Some crafting skill lines have the Hireling passive, which makes you receive letters every day that contain crafting materials.
Arrows on Fire : Enemies will spill oil on the ground and yell "Light it up!
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