facebook contest ideas for small businesses

This again will decrease the number of willing entrants in your contest.
For businesses looking to learn a little bit more about their loyal fans they can request story submissions.Facebook Contest Idea #16: Your Daily Driver Do you sell products, goods, or accessories that your customers use everyday?In this article Ill show you 5 great Facebook contest idea formulas that you can use to create highly engaging and targeted contests on your Facebook Page.I would recommend using contest idea formula #1: It will get you a ton of entries and product recommendations by making it much easier for people to enter.BitPages created a massive Facebook contest giving away a car to one lucky user.Over the long-term these types of contests will create a loyal customer base that cares about your business for more than just your products or specials.The opportunity for a Facebook contest to help your business is boundless.Reward those who sign up for your platform by offering a chance to win a free year of service.A personal post This is where you, as a small business owner, have an inherent advantage.I see many business owners posting links to their blog posts, without including any additional context.This is a great way to build buzz around a new product: People will be reading about its functionality and benefits far more intently than if you showed them.
Facebook Contest Idea #3: Name our new Product Ive found that people truly enjoy this type of contest: They get to have fun thinking creatively about the product and get the chance to actually make a decision in a company.
The contest was meant to create some user generated content and build hype around a brand that could use some excitement.And this is what leads to long-term customers.Final Thoughts Facebook contests are a great way to drive new, targeted leads for your business in short bursts over a long period of time.No not to the level of America's Next Top Model but similar.Facebook Contest Idea #12: Tell Us Your Story Rather than submitting a photo this Facebook contest takes a different approach.Provide details on the specification and uses of the product so people will have a good understanding of how get dominos coupons online it works and what to call.No, we know that an ideal contest has to benefit your business and your fans.This Facebook contest idea formula is very simple: Take a product you sell and ask people how they would use it if they owned.From experience we know the worst thing you can do is give away an iPad and expect a slew of interested leads in return.They might use our products in a different manner for example.