filson cattle sweep

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The Alley comes in 8 ft straight sections, which are sheeted 24 in from the bottom of each panel for maximum safety for the animals.
The 16 Open Alley includes: 2- Arches and 4- Alley Sides).
Specifications: Length 8 ft (per section width 3 ft, height of Panels 5 ft 6 in (66 in).Steel, 55 height and 4 diameter center post.We sell a cattle chute that comes with an automatic cattle headgate and has easy adjustments for different sizes of livestock.Feedlot Wedge Alleys HD Feedlot wedge alley come in prefabricated 5' sections.Superior american idol winners where are they today livestock handling equipment keeps livestock under control while you are counting, branding or sorting a herd.Filson Livestock Equipment has over 60 years experience in the manufacturing of livestock equipment.Another unique design of the Filson Sweep Pen is the versatility of the swing door latch.The cattle chute can be operated by one person and has its controls centrally located.These are available in single, double, straight or curved sections.
The sections of the alley can be adjusted from 20 in to 28 in on the inside.
The cattle headgate allows the head to pass costco gift card for restaurant through but then locks down as the shoulders bump it, trapping the animal.Another feature is that it can be easily changed from a left hand to a right hand alley by rotating the arches 180 degrees.The alleyways are made in 8 feet sections as straight units, or as left or right curves.Get a manual cattle head gate or upgrade to an automatic cattle headgate with all controls centrally operated.Weight 330 lbs (per section adjustable Wedge Alley, easily adjusts from 16 inches at the bottom to 34 inches at the top.Only Full has Side Exit, left Hand or Right Hand, optional Switching Gate.Livestock Equipment, sweeps And Alleys, sweeps Alleys, filson Sheeted Crowding Tub Curved Alley.Curve Sides Gate Height 5 ft 6 in (66 in).