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Nothing to do with perfumery art or craftsmanship.
Here it is as described also by some knowledgeable Fragranticians: Top: Belladonna, Apricot, Saffron.
And this is not a good or original fragrance, simple as that.
I only get a whiff of incense and a suspicion of saffron.Which simply doens't exist.Its a totally hyped up a totally linear fragrance.But as a fragrance, this doesnt even stink!But sold at celeb prices.Yet before launch she sent pr to the trade press in which she said that there was a fragrance pyramid.In the base the sugar dominates, discount kayaks ontario in the middle it is orchid and jasmine, the top is apricot with a whiff of saffron.Because of the revolutionary 'push pull technique'.But Gaga laughs all the way to the bank.
It smells earthy, meaty, musky.Diluted belladonna was used centuries ago as a crude 'beauty product' because It can dilute the pupils, like those of a junkie.Which proves once again: Dont believe the hype.Several Fragranticians who work in the perfume business have, before me, described that fragrance pyramid of Fame.Never thought I'll say they but I start to get a bit of respect for Britney and Jessica.They leave me indifferent.It has been used throughout history as both an anesthetic, a beauty product and a poison.