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Im happy for Pauline.
Others claimed the result was rigged because the show was desperate to see the jackpot go off, and vowed not to enter the competition again.
However in response to criticism, a Channel Nine spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the Block of Cash competition was 'fair'.
An online petition was set up publix employee discount theme parks calling the giveaway a 'scam while others took to social media to vent their anger 'Really Today Show, do you think us the viewers are stupid.Today show viewers fired up when the breakfast show gave away 160,000 this morning, with an audio cut-out at a vital moment leaving some doubting that the winner had answered the phone correctly.Facebook page : For those asking, Pauline successfully answered the phone with the words athlete originals promo code I wake up with.'As a live television show, when it is possible to have a crew in the vicinity of the call recipient, and if they answer the call correctly, we are able to capture the reaction as soon as possible.Today, despite the audio briefly cutting out on-air from our outside broadcast in Melbourne, the post read, complete with details of how to enter the next draw.Well done to her and the rest of you need to get over yourselves, said Dawn Pfeiler.I came in on the tail end of the last minute xmas pressies.Within seconds of being congratulated by hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, a camera crew was inside Mr Huxley's home to capture the joyous moment.Your (sic) telling me in that very small delay, around 1 second, she said I wake up with today?Today Show viewers have questioned if the hit breakfast program's heavily free antivirus for windows 8 eset promoted cash giveaways are just a 'scam after camera crews were already at the home of a man who won 130,000 within seconds.
But sorry think this has been rigged big time.At least the show had a giveaway to celebrate.This morning and I caught a glimpse of those little figurines that you can get made from ppl in our lives.Italy 4880804, wind, vodafone see SMS short codes for other countries.No space for I wake up with.Today s Mega Cash Giveaway jackpot was up to a record-breaking 160,000 to the viewer who correctly answered the phone within three rings with the words I wake up with Today.Some claimed the word theyd heard was gday.