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No Bonus Sweep is played at the end of this week.
Its not yet known when (or on which network).
Edit, spread out around the market are Inflatable bonuses.
Company Credits, production Co: Al Howard Productions, see more show more.Three jumbo-sized stuffed animals, giant inflated balloons of products, or discount kayaks ontario cardboard promotional signs for products with bonus tags attached to them are scattered throughout the market.Other variants that don't involve pricing items included: Fat Chance - Three items are shown, and the contestants must determine which item has the fewest grams of fat.It still airs new episodes in syndication as of March 2014.The three main rules for the Big Sweep are: The teams can only take up to five of each item.Once the clock displays the amount of time the second place team has earned, that team's runner is sent into the market, and the process repeats for the third place team.Determining how much of one item can be bought for a certain amount of money.This or That - Selecting the correct answer earns 10 seconds; selecting the wrong one gives the other two teams 10 seconds each.
Fact or Not a Fact, which determines whether a statement about a product is true or false.
Inflatables were: Wine Bottle, Bunch of Bananas, Single Banana, Burger, Plant, Guitar, Cake, Hammer, Microphone, Crayon, Carrot, Jukebox, Saxophone, Fish and Cactus (Revived version).Some games (such as Pick a Pair) offer a bonus 30 seconds if all contestants agree on an answer and that answer is correct.In most of the David Ruprechet-era episodes, costumed characters such as Frankenstein's Monster, a gorilla, or a creature named.The format usually consists of a contestant guessing a series of words (usually five to seven letters) using the clues given by his or her partner (similar to Pyramid and Password ).The teams then attempt to add as much time to their clock by answering questions and riddles posed by host Dale Winton.Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California, USA.Bonuses Many bonuses are available during the Big Sweep at different times.For the 300 Movie, midway through the Sweep, the host announces "Activate the TV monitors at which point the television monitors come into play.An original rule was that once a clue was used on one of the words in the list, it was not to be used again (doing so also lead to disqualification of that team however this rule was later scrapped.