georgia tax credit for chevy volt

You can use tax software to file for your Federal forms electronically to get your 7,500 federal tax credit Make copies of all forms for your records, including the gaepd form.
When I did, I was automatically transferred to the call center.
Tax software support for Georgia tax credit: - Turbo Tax has the GA tax form - Taxcut does not support.Details: You need to get a special alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) license plate for your car.The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a national organization that is helping us get the word out to Georgians about the benefits of EVs.Valid golf club discounts for military for the first 200,000 cars produced by each manufacturer, and then will take about a year to fully phase out, so this will still be a big factor for a couple more years at least; see this long but excellent analysis of when.Heres another post-mortem by Maria Saporta we have managed to go coupon discount philippines from being among the best to the worst in just one legislative session.Lets allow the other manufacturers to benefit as Nissan has done.Note that this table is from mid February and may be dated information at any time after then, since the legislative situation can change quickly.You need to file a form with the state environmental office at least a month before you file your tax return!
Greg Gardner, Detroit Free Press Published 10:44.m.
If you already files electronically, this worked for worked for at least one member : I followed TurboTax's instructions and filed electronically.
Detroit free press, first drive: 2016 Chevrolet Volt adds range, features.(2) I called the GA Dept of Revenue at the requested number.However if you leased, the federal tax credit was used up by the bank you are leasing from (since technically that bank bought the car, not you) and then passed on to you in the form of a cheaper lease.However, EV owners have howled in protest over this because the 200 number they picked is wildly unfair.Follow him on Twitter @GregGardner12.The Volt LT carries a starting price of 34,095, while the Premier package starts at 38,445.These are not tax deductions, rather tax credits.