giveaways for baptism philippines

(Photo published with the popeyes chicken printable coupons permission of E Clay Souvenirs and Accessories) So, there you have.
Personalized Mini Pillows you can always give out pillows to your guests.
Do not forget to find ribbons in this past post too!
Aside from offering the cutest paper products, Papemelroti also accepts orders for giveaways.Scented candles on a jar or tin.Your guests are guaranteed to use them once they get home!Thank you so much!These start at P118 each, but it already comes with packaging, not bad to give to ninongs and ninangs.More details Baptism Gifts Baptism Oval Border Designs Baptism Giveaways 2 Baptism Giveaways 3 Baptism Giveaways 4 Baptism Giveaways 5 Baptism Standee Baby Decoupage Plaques Baby Wall P laques Invitation s Prices do not include postage. .#336-6 Bubble Magnets Let your guests have a beautiful memento of your special child's event. .
Cookies, sweet treats make great giveaways that everyone appreciates, especially if they're too cute to even eat.
Hand Sanitizer as Christening party souvenir.
Click here to see pouch.P109 /.15 each, quantity: Godmother / Godfather: Check out now *Free hand-lettering for 10 pcs or less. Mark this most special day of welcoming your child into the world or their christening day with this wall product.Polymer Clay Refrigerator Magnets are cute and functional, and would definitely be a happy souvenir to take home coming from a party.Their personalized wire bookmarks are also chic and reasonably priced at P54 each.Potted plants, image Go Green Giveaways/Facebook.Unlike birthday souvenirs, a giveaway on the occasion of your child's christening can be tough especially when you've had enough of the "baby on a pram" figurine.