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Find more questions and answers on HST sainsbury's bank car insurance promo code in Transitioning to HST The Bookkeeping Forum Q A Links GST HST Discussions In Progress Here are GST HST questions that have been asked in The Bookkeeping Forum.
Your monthly HST report is filed on the same report as your GST and has the same due dates / deadlines.As more questions are asked, more links will show up here.Where To Learn More, lET'S chat about.You mentioned that you date the receipt for the first CRA Place of Supply Rule Have CRA's Place of Supply Rules recently changed?This tax is passed along to the consumers of the products and services so sometimes it is also referred to as a consumption tax (as opposed to income tax which is a tax on your earnings).What is a participating province?
GST HST In Canada If you are interested, I found a great article written by David Sherman, a leading GST tax expert in Canada.Do I claim 100 during the year?I think it should be zero.The information provided in this article or on this site should not be construed as advice.Some of the work will be done by subcontractors that will charge us HST Registration and Psychology A psychologist's services are exempt from HST but should she still register so she can reclaim HST paid on office equipment etc?