halloween contests at work

Your fried eggs can mimic a spooky eyeball, using ketchup as veins and a black olive as a pupil, and pancakes in the shape of a ghost.
Entries that don't meet these requirements will just be discarded at the voting phase.
To encourage employees to wear their costumes to work for the day, host a costume parade and offer prizes for the following categories: best costume, funniest costume, most sophisticated costume, costume that took the most work to make, scariest costume and most creative costume.Instead of allowing employees to think of their own tricks, give everyone a list of tame tricks that they are allowed to dish out.Potluck Lunch, to get everyone into the Halloween spirit, host a potluck lunch and ask all employees to partake.That's two weeks, for those who aren't numerically inclined.Remember that the community mascots are also someone else's creation, so make sure to treat them with the same respect that you'd like your work treated with.And of course, most employees (61) also say that they appreciate the chance to take a break from work.Trick or Treat, who said that trick or treating is just for children?
Pumpkin Carving Contest, pumpkin carving can be fun for those that are talented creatively; however, some colleagues will be more of a hazard when it comes to a carving contest.
Have you celebrated Halloween in the office before?1st place 100 2nd place 50 are there any promo codes for stanley steemer 3rd place 25, best Group Costume: This category is for groups of 3 and more of any age, in matching Halloween costumes - costumes that go together.Celebration Ideas for Halloween at Work.Advertise the awards in advance and provide a nice gift to the winners such as a gift certificate or catalog certificate.The intrepid artists among us have 14 days from the date of this post to put pen to paper and render our lovable mascots in all their (terrifying) glory - so long as it is Halloween themed!