hat contest ideas

Some may add brightly coloured flowers to give it away lesson youtube the hat to symbolise summer blooms, and others may use bold-patterned ribbons to adorn the hat for summer wear.
And why notits so cute and its durable!
Make shorter or longer chains for necklaces or bracelets.
Princess Hats, a princess hat-decorating contest works well for a party for little girls; however, some adults gift certificate making may enjoy playing dress-up as well.Here they are: The yellow spiral hat, strawberry hat, huge crazy hair hat.This craft is for the older kiddos who can tie their shoes cause you need good finger dexterity.Contestants can make their best winter hats when you provide each with a wool cap as the base.Directions from our friend.Alpha Mom call for scissors, one pink marker, and one paper plate.Your little bunnies will be hoppin around in no time with this super simple craft.Photo: anjanettew via flickr, bunny Hat.Feathered hat, bread hat, world hat, butterfly hat.Lastly, youll need something sturdy to hold up your mask hat.There are simple templates for this winter crown and all you need is blue construction paper, two white pipe cleaners, pencil, scissors, tape, white tissue paper, and white thread.
All you need for this crab hat is red construction paper, paper bowl, clothes pins, red paint, black construction paper for the smile (or just a black marker and foam balls for the eyes.For example, in summer, give contestants straw hats to decorate.Parham B, related stories: How to Celebrate Make a Hat Day 12 daily deals uk mysupadupa Stylish Summer Hats.All you need is paper, glue, bubble wrap, googly eyes and paint.Offer your contestants plenty of inspiration and a full stock of supplies, and the hardest part of the competition will be selecting a winner.