hm revenue tax rebate lost cheque

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Sign and date the letter in ink, keep a copy of it and any enclosures and get tripsta net discount voucher proof of postage.Hmrc will not issue tax refunds automatically which it works out to be less than.If you do call, be ready with the calculation as hmrc will ask for your National Insurance Number (nino) and will also ask security questions before discussing it with you.Assuming your tax rebate is still valid you can contact your local tax office and ask them to send you a replacment.Thats why if you got a letter telling you that you were due a tax rebate, you might just jump for joy.If the Revenue thinks you are due a refund, it will send you a calculation in the form of a P800 letter, followed by the cheque.
Each year millions goes unclaimed in overpaid taxes.
Unless you fill in self-assessment tax returns, the Revenue might not know everything it needs to in order to get your tax right.If you have any questions about getting a replacement tax cheque, leave them in the comments below.Or you might prefer to write anyway with a query, particularly if the alternative is calling an expensive 0845 number from a mobile.But its still good to know that youve got some extra cash coming your way.Tax Refunds: How Long have We Been Doing This.Just remember that hmrc will never email you to tell you about a tax refund.