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Mize said she pushed the daily deal san diego woman away and when she swung her arm her shoes hit (the 23-year-old woman).
Via, tC Palm : Erica Mize, of Port.
58 of 60 I love car show girls 59 of 60 Love those car show girls 60 of 60 Duct Tape Bikini On Little Twilight Looking Girl Feb.Mize turned around and hit her on the head with her high heel shoes, the report states.53 of 60 Totally NOT bikini ready.117,288, gickser1 1 of 60 bikini contest 2 of 60, smoking Hot Bikini Contest Girl 3 of 60, a Crazy Night With Ted - Bikini Contest 4 of 60, bikini contest 4 5 of 60, bikini contest 2 6 of 60, bikini contest.56 of 60 That Bikini Looks Complicated To Get Into 57 of 60 She is pulling her hair out trying to decide if this bikini is hot or not.It seems that, according to Mize, a fellow contestant was trash talking and threatened her, so Mize hit her upside her head with her high heel.39 of 60 Hot Latinas in string bikinis 1 40 of 60 Hot Latinas in string bikinis 2 41 of 60 Hot Car Hot Girls 42 of 60 Hot car show chicks 43 of 60 Winner of the beauty contest in her town.That sounds like a line straight from a bad 90s action movie.Meanwhile, the 23-year-old woman told investigators she hadnt seen Mize before the competition.54 of 60 They call this bikini The Banana.
Erica Mize they are supposed to be a tad violent, too.
The 23-year-old woman said Mize said you should go to the gyno because youre in for a rude awakening, the report states.03, 2008 Category Explore show contest hot girl at car show bikini contest Reset Your Password.Photo: Instagram/Erica Mize, i thought bikini contests were supposed to be all fun and harmless?Apparently Mize is the ex-girlfriend of her victims boyfriend, so that would make a lot more sense.Mize said when the contest was over, the 23-year-old woman yanked her arm trying to take her to the ground.48 of 60 Smokin Hot Car Show Behind 49 of 60 Hot Girl Hot Gun Hot Car 50 of 60 Hot Car Show Chicks 2 51 of 60 Hot Car Show Chicks 2 52 of 60 There's something hot about a chick in a bikini.