how much are millionaire raffle tickets

Winners must have them to claim their prizes.
The promotion ends October 30 at 11:59.
Call our Winning Numbers Hotline.
The player who buys ticket with the numbers 025000, 050000, 075000, 100000, 125000, 150000, 175000, 200000, 225000, and 250000 will receive a serial-numbered voucher stating they've won a 1,000 prize!Promotion Dates : Starting October 21, 2017 at 4:00.m.For purchases on any Player Activated Terminal you must use the dedicated Raffle playslip.Jacob jacob Christopherson was still in disbelief when he showed up at the Lottery office to claim his 1,000,000 prize.Details: There will be a total of 250,000 Raffle tickets available for sale that can be purchased anywhere Idaho Lottery draw games are sold.You must also complete and sign a claim form and a claim form addendum.Her winning ticket, number 065236, was bought at KJ's in Malad.Top prize winners will be required to complete a Winner Claim Form, Claim Form Addendum, present a valid government issued photo identification (i.e., valid drivers license, passport, ID card and any other documentation requested by the Idaho Lottery."I have it all planned out.
Total quantity available for sale: 250,000 Prizes Available: 1- 1,000,000 winner free sexy coupons 2- 10,000 winners winners 6,450- 25 winners All prizes will be a single lump sum payment representing the prize amount and are subject to federal and state taxes and any offset required by Idaho.
Mail the voucher, copy of the appropriate numbered Raffle ticket, completed claim form, claim form addendum and your government issued photo identification to the Lottery. .
I had been buying tickets around the 25000th tickets, trying to win one of the 1,000 prizes.Raffle ticket numbers must match identically, in exact order, to the number drawn by the Idaho Lottery.Enter your voucher via tele-entry at or click here to enter it through the VIP Club.The group of five friends, who have worked together for at least five years, started saving 10 a paycheck in late June 2011.I stopped in the Maverik by my moms house and just bought one to see what the current ticket number was, described Christopherson on the purchase of his ticket and referring to the Idaho Lotterys instant win feature that occurred once each 25000th ticket purchased.It was the best 20 investment we've made." read entire story, bob ChesterBoise20071,000,000.