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Ive posted a list of roleplaying terms here btw ).
If you have questions please ask!I will provide international shipping worldwide (feel free to cry you must be okay with giving me your address in case you win.Admins pull no stops.Now that you are on the dashboard of your Tumblr page, you can choose what to do from there.A headcanon page: australia discount online shopping Headcanons are little details that youve created for your character that give more insight into their inner workings.If youre not legally an adult you need your parents permission.I didnt use Python or any other programming language.era roleplays set in the 20s, 60s and free entry photo contests 80s, Hollywood roleplays where you can be your idol on the net, and some with entirely original plots, taking small things from the real world and crafting entirely new worlds around them.
Just short stories, really, that relate to them.
Just being on Tumblr reading this and trying to ignore the animated link at the top of the page was giving me a headache.Either way, choosing or creating your character is an incredibly important step in applying for a roleplay.I guess you could say that your perfect roleplay is one that you feel you could fit greyhound bus discounts right into with no problem; I personally felt like I could live in my first one.You have to actively promote your blog; else it will just be another small dot in the thousands of other little blogs.Posting AS your character.Eitherway happy early birthday 3 youve got the wrong person, my birthday isnt till October Anonymous said: i was scrolling through your blog and dude no need to be mean to that 14 year old like wow theyre 14 they were probably NOT trying.A relationships page: This is a page that contains information about my characters key relationships: the people they love, are in love with, or hate with a passion akin to the fires of hell.A conversations page: This would contain links to the tags of conversations that your character has had.