how to run an online video contest

Selecting a Technology Partner or Platform Here are items to consider when selecting a partner or platform.
Here are some thoughts to ponder: Does the prize appeal to my target market?
As you read this, there are numerous video contests being run by major brands, including: Doritos, american Express, chevrolet.Well examine what separates the successful video contests from the unsuccessful ones, and offer a road map marketers can use to help ensure a great contest.The team over at Launchpad6 has created a 3-step success formula that should help you come up with a great contest idea, offer the right prizes and choose the right promotional mix to help ensure your contest is a success.For contests, there may be a public voting or closed judging or a combination of both.In addition, think about your existing online marketing efforts and what type of contest will fit in best with the channels and communities you have created.In this method be sure that the criteria for winning is clearly articulated and readily available.Here are some reasons they shared that companies decide to run a promotion.Utilise product packaging, harness your social channels, consider partnering with an industry publication.The lower the barrier to entry (sweepstakes) the more people who will likely sign.Leverage other social networks.Promote on your website.
In addition, it was a proof of concept to see if they could run a successful contest and gain valuable insights.
If you have built them into the promotion, all the better.
Are you harnessing group mentalities?From there, judges picked the winner.Stack the deck and seed entries Encourage people to enter so that there are examples of what an entry can/should look like.A public vote was used to narrow down contestants to the top.Important planning questions to consider including scoping out time and resources available, setting clear and realistic goals, knowing what your audience wants and creating understandable rules and regulations. In addition, media coverage was gained in several outlets including cnnmoney.Collect consumer generated content, the 2 common types of promotions include.