how to win a photo contest

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You should especially be careful to one day entry sweepstakes not overly compress a jpeg file coupon code for etsy oct 2015 when saving.
We generally notice two levels of blur in the images submitted: Some photos are obviously, and unintentionally, blurry.Help your viewer keep his eye on your main subject.There are many other photos which are just slightly out of focus, or soft.But it is still important.Although these words are nowhere near as important as the image itself, we thought we would offer you a few tips on titling and describing your images.The judges have generally learned to dislike borders.Make sure the horizon is level.
Remember that you have a lot going for you at the BetterPhoto contest.
What may be dark on a PC may appear extremely light on a Macintosh, for example.
If you do, crop them before submitting the photo.That is one reason why, whether you are a traditional film photographer or a digital photographer, knowing your way around a simple software program such as Adobe Photoshop will likely help you win.Clarity and resolution of the photo - being able to enjoy the details of an image - mean a lot to the judges.When this appears to be unintentional and dissatisfying, the picture receives a lower score.Is the snow blue instead of white?If you shoot film, learning the art of scanning is essential.Don't Distract the Viewer, if you have read this far, you deserve a reward.If southwest military discount phone number you are considering a border, do what the judges do: examine the photo itself, critically and exclusively.Here are two things most people don't know: 1).The picture, above all, needs to be in focus (or, if the picture features some blurriness, it has to be a clearly intentional, artistic use of blur by the photographer).