how to win at ticket to ride board game

You can never know what someone else holds in their hand, but youll be in the running for a victory if you completed one big route, several smaller routes, and maximized your train plays by either earning the Longest Continuous Path card or scoring more.
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Near the end of the game, look to extend your train circuit beyond the Destination Ticket locations and try to avoid branching off too much or youll sacrifice the Longest Continuous Path bonus.
It also makes it easier for players to determine who will have the Longest Continuous Path if they see trains all in a row.Pass-and-Play with up to 4 live opponents.If you go with the late-game strategy, think about pulling additional train routes as the games end nears.Again, pay close attention to what the other players are doing.Study all your routes and determine which colors you need the most.Railways may be disappearing quickly in the 21st century, but that wont stop you from laying tons of track in the early 20th century.Its much wiser to build train tracks in the congested areas of the board first.By claiming the Longest Continuous Path card, you earn an extra 10 points on everyone else just by having the most efficiently built train circuit.Main features: Alan.
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The more cards of a certain color in opponents hands, the smaller chance that you will draw that color on your turn.But dont just focus on a single coloryou always need more than one color and should diversify to give yourself a better chance of seeing those card colors on your turn.How many turns do you think are left in the game?Ticket to Ride any of the incarnations!Will you have enough time to complete the new route or two that you choose?