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You can now run the Avanwaves and check the waveforms corresponding to handmade gift cards for girlfriend the 5 values of the transmission line company store promotion code 2015 impedance 40 Ohms, 45 Ohms, 50 Ohms, 55 Ohms and 60 Ohms.
13th November 2003, 11:04 #6 time step too small, i also meet this problem in orcad (pspice).Print step (used.print statements).When you get to Monte Carlo and start random-messing parameters around you can expose "unexplored territory".The "internal timestep too small" error happens when hspice tries to use an internal timestep bellow a certain threshold.If you still have this problem you can try to play with the others parameters that control the internal timestep (see the manual).Parameter sweep in hspice, parameter sweeping is a powerful way of generating multiple simulation by varying the value of one particular parameter.Reduce the rise/fall times of the pulse sources.When Start external DC supply voltages at 0V is unticked, the waveform will only show the steady state.
Each transmission line has typical impedance.If you are curious, what the above hspice code does, take a look at the waveforms below.And some models depend on the alignment of a lot of parameters to "cover up" some fundamental singularities (like where region of operation and equations transition).If it cannot find the derivative, it barfs.Now, I try to use ".options accurate1 gmin1e-9" and it's work well.