i want to give away my money

Im sending Ivan out to have a look and will report back later.
Tom Freston, co-founder of MTV, vIA, -1.10 said about volunteering his time: One door opens to 10 other doors.
A major shortcut to success booty shaking contest jump off is to constantly create value for other people to create something valuable.
Quality content is valuable and you absolutely should charge for it, but you dont need to charge for everything.The more I do for others, the happier.Ive always resisted not cos ive any objection to a super secret organisation controlling the fate of the world but because I think the night shift at Taco Bell on 23010 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley, California 92553 could do a better job.Helping has a tremendous benefit for those who need it, and for the helpers themselves.Join me for free office hours every Monday at 7AM PST.It sounds too elite and it tends to exclude the average person.Every time that I write a post that touches someone, its a tiny bit of value.Bigfoot has a lot of time for his cousin so he's agreed to a payoff of 200K USD.Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg: Making a difference in peoples lives and seeing it with your own eyes is perhaps the most satisfying thing youll ever.Start producing more creative work.If you want to fully enjoy life, give.
You may be thinking can my humble hovel couldnt possibly play host to one of the worlds richest men.
But the Illuminati still loom and Im a moment ago I could hear one of them scuttling around in the back yard.
Fortunately I know Bigfoots cousin, Mr Yeti, through my days spent in 10K dollars a day rejuvenation clinics run by theosopic monks high in the Himalayas.Selection, please note that you will get the follow-up email confirming your successful application if you are selected! .In a study of alcoholics going through the Alcoholics Anonymous program, those who helped others were nearly twice as likely to stay sober a year later, and their levels of depression were lower, too.Im now holed up on a farm in the American mid west with my butler Ivan.Hosting free, weekly office hours sessions on Mondays at 7AM PST.