indy 500 winning cars pictures

US 32,000 2003 Ford Mustang, Saleen Roller Professionally built Lapping/Auotcross 2003 Mustang.
US 67,500 1965 Ginetta Gcc crossflow-powered G4 owned and run by Michael's Vintage Racing US 62,500 1968 Ginetta G16 Completely restored to new condition, sorted and ready to race.
Ive never been there before.
Ford sportsman roller gary kreisers 06 ford sportsman US 3,9 Ford Zink Citation Race ready ground up/rebuilt Refreshed Zink Citation with rebuild motor and many upgrades US 24,000.US 109,900 2001 Lola Indy Lights "Indy Lights Car" A front runner with numerous wins and top ten finishes in Vintage car racing instagram hashtag contest app US 85,000 2007 Lola F3 World Junior Car Lola F3 world Junior Car US 88,0 Lotus Exige S Sorted, Developed, Ready.US 3,750 1991 Mazda Spec Miata Track/Race-Ready '91 Spec-Miata with brand new Stewart racing engine and heads US 18,5 Mazda RX7 "GT2/3 Tube Frame" Mazda GT RX7 US 36,950 1997 Mazda Miata This is a great starter car for scca ITA class!Patrick ran the Indy 5 through 2011.Lola T506 710 Lola t505 710 Autocross US 4,0 Lola T620 Complete and original parts Lola T620, recently restored US 17,000 1982 Lola Frissbee GR2 Al Unser.Danica Patrick broke down in tears Friday as she announced she will retire from full-time racing next year after running the Daytona 500 and then the Indianapolis 500, closing her career at the storied track that made her famous.Chevy Corvette "C5-R" 2000 Corvette C5R - Race Ready US 55,000 2001 Chevy Dupont Complete race ready Jeff Gordon 2001 Daytona 500 car US 90,000.00 2002 Chevy monte carlo One of nascar's most recognized driver/sponsor race cars for fun or appreciation US 165,000.00 2004 Chevy.US 110,000 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo "Kodak" Winston Cup 2000 #4 Monte Carlo, Bobby Hamilton US 30,000 2004 Chevy corvette complete fast US 69,750 or trade 1965 Cooper T 75 Great Historic Cooper T75 F2 CAR with SCA Cosworth 139,000 Euro- 1970 datsun 240Z 1970.
US 65,000 1961 Ginetta G4 svra race winning G4 (D Prod 20K in fresh sorting and FIA papers.
Fernando Alonso confirmed his new deal to drive for McLaren extends beyond next season and means he wont return to the Indianapolis 500 in 2018.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the legendary.5 mile track.US 75,000 2003 Doran Designs JE4 Rolex 24 Winner "Kodak" Rolex 24 Overall winner for sale.If I dont feel like I can run better than where I am, then I dont want to.US 237,500 2004 Ferrari 360 N-GT michelotto N-GT miche Performance Specs Performance Specs Manufacturer Ferrari /Michelotto Production US 285,000 2011 Ferrari 458 GT2 finish 3rd in 6H of Vallelunga 2013 420,0 Ford Mustang Race Car Package!1,200 kg Total length US 205,000 2014 radical SR3 RS 2014 Radical SR3 RS US 75,000 2011 radical SR3 Radical SR3 RS Radical SR3 RS in perfect condition.Patrick had been adamant she would never return to IndyCar or the 500, but changed her mind as she realized her competitive options were dwindling.Ferrari 308 GT4 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Race Car US 58,0 Ford escort MK1 "zakspeed replica" racing CAR racing escort zakspeed FOR sale trade/swop 65,000 United Kingdom Pounds 1965 Ford Mustang "Vintage B Production Track Car" -svra Group 6 1965 Ford Mustang Vintage B Production.I know now you can never say never.Elva Courier Well sorted Vintage racer US 29,000.00 1963 Elva Courier MK3 1963 Elva Courier MK3 ready to race!