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How often does that happen in the dunk contest?
Serge Ibaka leapt from behind the free-throw line.
A vous de juger.As a small forward who had commendable three-point skils, Richardson led the Warriors to discounted itunes gift cards canada their first playoff in thirteen years in 2006 upsetting the Dallas Mavericks in the process.Watch as Richardson catches the ball, turns his body 180 degrees and finishes behind his head.15 of 23 Year: 2011 Dunk: The Show Stopper You could make an argument for every single contestant in the 2011 dunk contest that he deserved to win.D-Mase jusquau cercle, le tout avec un hang-time infini.The sheer amount of hang time needed to complete this dunk is just ridiculous.Former Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard Jason Richardson announced his retirement on the 23rd of September after a fourteen-year professional career in the NBA.
Although the dunk was nice, it took him all of 14 attempts to complete.
Records 2017: Glenn Robinson III, watch 2017 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest video, more 2017 info, players 1st Round.
2 of 23, year: 2005.Dunk: Free-throw line, i think its fair to say that Serge Ibaka got cheated on this attempt.16 of 23 Year: 1976 Dunk: Free-throw line (starts 5:25 in video) Technically, this dunk shouldnt be here.21 of 23 Year: 1988 Dunk: Double clutch from the foul line They gave him a 50!In the 80's, with players like Julius Erving, Larry Nance, Dominique Wilkins or Michael Jordan, who were able to make art executing a dunk, the NBA decided to include the Slam Dunk contest (and also the legends game ) in the NBA All Star Weekend.