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Also take care in the winter, when it rains and roads are unusually slick.
Electricity edit The voltage in Israel is 230V, and the frequency is.
Huge parties will be happening all over the country in almost atlanta botanical gardens promo code 2015 every city at the night before.
Gay and lesbian travel edit Unlike many parts of the Middle East, Israel is one of the most "gay friendly" countries in the world.Data Only: 6GB - 49, 18GB - 140.If you see anyone acting suspiciously, or parking panda promo code september find an untended parcel, notify the Police.Tap water is potable and perfectly safe for drinking all throughout Israel, big cities and rural parts alike.Note that even an Egyptian or Jordanian entry or exit stamp from one of its land border crossings with Israel will constitute proof of visiting Israel and cause the problem stated above.If this occurs we will advise the likely cost in advance and can help refine your request if necessary.In other cases, the immigration officials at the Eilat - Aqaba border crossing do not heed your polite request to have them stamp only the paper, and instead stamp your passport, which can make travel to some middle eastern countries more difficult.In any case, you must check with you carrier the roaming option and the compatibility of your device in advance.
Beer edit There are three main brands of Israeli beer: Goldstar a Munich-style dark draught, it is the most popular Israeli beer in Israel.
Independence Day : Government offices and most businesses will be closed but, because it's a secular holiday, many shops will be open (some with shorter opening hours) and public transport service will be available, but with a lower level of service.
To get from Cairo to Israel by bus, or vice-versa, take a look at the From Cairo to Jerusalem by bus article.Major western hotel groups have properties in Israel Israel is host to a huge variety of accommodation options, from camping and hostels to 5-star luxury hotels.Groceries delivery - No tipping.Handymen - No tipping.Recently, there has been a law passed that require for every car to carry a yellow reflective vest at all times.A Rav Kav card, which can be obtained from bus drivers and at train stations, is accepted in all buses and trains in Israel, and will save you 20 of the cost of every bus or railway trip if charged with money erekh tsavur.Stay on the train a few more stops and you'll be in Acre (Akko).Travel health insurance is highly recommended; although all Israelis are covered under the national health insurance system, foreigners cheap laptop store in manila will be expected to pay for any treatment received in the public hospitals or at a clinic.A verbal request, although usually made in Hebrew, will usually include the make of the car.Those at holy sites during these times should refrain from smoking, using their cell phones, taking pictures, or disturbing the serenity of the day in other ways.