microsoft rebate check

Review a customer rebate agreement, go to Sales and marketing Customer rebates Rebate agreements.
Set Quantity to '40'.
In the Quantity field, select 'All'.
How the program works, when a partner delivers project services, managed services, or applications built around Azure they will receive credit for the resulting consumption on the customer-owned Azure subscription, provided they have been attached by the customer as dpor.You can select a single product, a group of products, or all products.Set Quantity to '60'.Amount option if you want to define rebates that are based on the monetary amount of the sale.The consumption will be calculated only from the date dpor is attached.AX 2012 R3 supports the, lifetime option.
Learn more about Digital Partner of Record.In order to earn, a partner will need to be attached by the customer as Digital Partner of Record (dpor) on their Azure subscription.This partner will also be automatically contacted for any FastTrack services questions or issues.The rebate is available for processing.Dpor automates how partners are attached as the Partner of Record for the subscriptions you are actively managing for customers for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Dynamics 365, AX7, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS and Microsoft Azure.Customized periods allow for customers to configure their own period, such as Quarterly.Item code, the item code indicates the method hugo boss promotion code uk that is used to select items that are eligible for the rebate.Incentives are available for qualified US SMB Partners for FY17.