national writing contest 2015

Melissa Graves, Ria Reodica, Kristy Totten, Las 1985 nba dunk contest Vegas Review-Journal Best of the Holidays Special Section Great use of editorial and space.
The use of mock-ups is not permitted.
Lauren Deane, Elko Daily Free Press Good descriptions of events, but would like to see more"s from performers and others involved.Prima MAX, prima plus, prima zoom, relax.I also like the news updates (Twitter feed) feature further down the page.Competitors may only include their promotional materials during the final round upon receiving advance written confirmation from the organizer.If the photographer had been oriented differently, the photo could have been more dramatic.Launching in the spring of 2015, Hakai Magazine, an independent online magazine based in Victoria, British Columbia and published by the Tula Foundation, will be devoted to the the science and societies of coastal ecosystems.In addition to the general statement above, the application must include: the name and description of the appearance of the decoration.The application must be accompanied by at least 4 photos of the cake two shots taken from the side, one from the top and one close-up.While I was reading it, I recognized some of it from national media stories I had read or saw on television.Thank You Like the way this ad leads you from the top of the page towards the bottom.Cakes will be evaluated using a scoring system.
Best Illustration Leona Novio, The Nevada Sagebrush Cody Fajardo Wolf Scary, which means it works for Halloween.
Some headlines didnt make sense, would have expected pictures to be clear and crisp, and the farewell should have ended on the page it started.Jackie Valley, The Sunday 20 Dead in 13 Days It was nice to see that this news organization saw a trend and took the time and energy to put something like this together.Georgia Fisher, Reno News Review Buck Wild: Mustang advocates clash again with BLM Solid overview of a contentious issue.quot;s would help some of these arguments.But where to submit this poem, short story, memoir?Many of the best ads use patient testimonials which really makes them personal and compelling.