nz tax rebate

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Who could get a refund?
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Note If you don't check whether you will get a refund before you request a PTS you may end up with a tax bill that you will have to pay.Or you can use our non-personalised online tools (under.The nzspg offers a baseline cash grant equivalent to 20 of Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure (qnzpe) for all productions and for PDV a baseline cash grant of 20 for the first 25 million of qnzpe, and thereafter at 18 of qnzpe. .Personal tax summary calculator or, personal tax worksheet you'll need to know your income details.If it works out to be a refund, you can then request and confirm youre personal tax summary through your myIR account.Apply now, what is a tax refund?Work it out Personal tax summary calculator or, personal tax worksheet.The good news is, youre entitled to claim this money back at the end of the financial year.
Find out more Back to top Date published).How to get a refund, if youre registered for myIR Secure Online Services.Most beneficiaries, salary and wage earners will have paid the right amount of tax and won't be eligible for a refund.Step 3: Request a PTS, you can request a PTS online by using our Request a personal tax summary service under "Get it done online".Using your myIR account makes it easy to work out if you are due a refund.We have created a simple online form, allowing you to apply for your tax refund in minutes.The IRD doesnt proactively notify you if you are owed a tax refund, you need to apply to find out whether you have a refund owing.