parf rebate calculation

Let's say the OMV is 15000 for Car A, the ARF would be also 15000 Since Car A have just reach 5yrs the Parf rebate will be 75 of ARF.
1 yrs s60,000/10yrs x 1 year S6, 000.The COE amount is basically what you paid when you bought/registered your car.Wagon Mate provide COE renewal, De registration and Number retention Services!Rebate Owner ID Type: Please SelectBusiness (e.g.60,000 x Duration left coupon codes for until COE expires exp.From 3/6/2015 to 5/6/2015 3 days.1 month (i.e.There are two parts to the rebate value: First part of the rebate - COE rebate.
The parf rebate table I mention here applies for vehicles registered with COEs from the May 2002 tender exercise.
Total amount payable (Principal Interest) : tapfh number:2, tAPBalloon number:2, monthly instalment payable until last but one month : mipfh number:2, mIPBalloon number:2, final Month's instalment : fmifh number:2, fMIBalloon number:2.
From May 2002 to February 2004 130.Parf is the Percentage of the ARF (Additional Registration Fees) which is the tax paid when Vehicle is registered.3 days divide by 30 days).To illustrate, assume: QP/PQP of 10-year COE paid (i.e.For individual (MAS 60-70 rule applies) -.5.After some calculations and if you decide to de-register your vehicle after knowing the Rebate Value, the below are the guide to the procedures to de-register your car:.2 years and 5 months).